Iranian Technical Engineering Services

Iranian Technical Engineering Services has been working since 2006 in power grid and agriculture in south of Iran nearby Oman sea. This company works in power grid development and greenhouse development in this area. In the recent biggest project, we are going to make the greatest sea water desalination and power planet  by using of green energy (solar energy) to supply pour water to 3000h of greenhouses nearby Chabahar.  We hope this project begins at 2018 and end in 2020.

Introduction, training and promotion of agricultural machinery
to improve cultivation, harvesting and harvesting methods in
Chabahar region since 2008

Out-of-field cultivation and inventing the
appropriate methods and timetable of the area since 2006

Installing and operating new irrigation systems
and promoting these methods since 2006

The irrigation facility (under pressure) from
Bahookalat lands, which was commissioned and
operated for two years.

The construction of a 5.000 sq.m greenhouse
in Bahookalat (2009)

Production and distribution to farmers with a
view to reforming the traditional cultivation
method and improving product quality since 2006

Sample of irrigation system designed and implemented to
supply the water needed for banana plants in the Chabahar

A classic sprinkler irrigation system
implemented in Zarabad

Producing and distributing the selected
cultivars to modify the cultivation method

Production of greenhouse seedlings