IOMOU Officials Welcomed Plan for Documetation of Vessel’s Control and Inspection at Chabahar Port

The implentation of the plan for documentation of the ship’s controling and inspection in the port of Chabahar was appreciated at the country’s annual conference for the officers of ship’s control and inspection

According to the public reltations of the Chabahar port, in the sideline of the conference which was held for the officers of the ships control and inspection at Bushehr port, implementation of the plan for documentation of the vessels control and inspection reports in the Chabahar port was praised.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Dr.Haghshenas, the deputy for marine affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization(PMO), Sayed Ahmed Hashemi, the incharge of the vessel’s control and inspection section of the Chabahar port was honoured and with a memorial plaque for his efforts for successful implentation of the vessels visual documentation of control and inspection in the port of Chabahar.

It is noted that, this unique specialized activity was also welcomed by officials of the Indian Ocean Memorandum of Understanding(IOMOU).

It is worth mentioning that, in this plan, by installing a special camera on the control and inspection officer’s clothing, all stages of the inspection are throughly and accurately recorded.

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