A Part of Chabahar Port’ Beach Cleaned up

In direction with cultural building and enviromental protection, a part of Chabahar port’s beach was cleaned up with cooperation of Chabahar city’s administrative agencies and working staff of the Sistan and Baluchistan province Administration of ports and maritime.

According to the public relations report, in this project aimed at organizing and cleaning of the shores, a part of Chabahar port’s “Haft_e_Tir” pier shore was cleaned up with participation of managers and sftaff of the Sistan and Baluchistan province administration of ports and maritime as well as representatives from Chabahar city’s administrative agencies including Governate, the Fisheries administration and enviromental protection agency of Chabahar city.

Sistan and Baluchistan province with it’s beautiful beaches, seasides and tourist attraction, is one of the most important tourist destination especialy for Nowruz(Iranian new year) and protecting the enviroment and natural resources is everyone’s duty at all the time.

پاکسازی ساحل2
پاکسازی ساحل3
پاکسازی ساحل4
پاکسازی ساحل5
پاکسازی ساحل6
پاکسازی ساحل7
پاکسازی ساحل8
پاکسازی ساحل9
پاکسازی ساحل10
پاکسازی ساحل11
پاکسازی ساحل12

پاکسازی ساحل14 پاکسازی ساحل15
پاکسازی ساحل16
پاکسازی ساحل17
پاکسازی ساحل19
پاکسازی ساحل20

پاکسازی ساحل1

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